Work Environment

MSM is an expanding firm within a dynamic and evolving industry that places an emphasis on hiring individuals who desire growth both professionally and personally.

We don’t just say our employees are our most important assets – we back that up with our actions by:

  • Seeking regular feedback and suggestions from all employees through our open-door policy.
  • Challenging, empowering, and recognizing employees for their accomplishments, dedication, and commitment.
  • Encouraging, sponsoring, and promoting continuous education opportunities to keep skillsets sharp in a quickly evolving industry and further our employees’ career ambitions.
  • Recognizing the importance of work-life balance so our employees are enabled to care for themselves and their families

Our cultural philosophy is simple:

Happy employees = happy customers = business success.

We believe that happy employees are more motivated, more productive, performance driven, and more likely to seek a long-term career with MSM. When taken together, these forces lead to enhanced customer satisfaction and overall mission success, which ultimately leads to growth and success for MSM.

Resource Inspired

Culture where all employee goals are tied to customer mission success, consistently.

Performance Driven

Focused on customer satisfaction and success.

Quality Focused

Exceptional customer ratings and 100% contract renewal rate in most service areas


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