8(a) Sole-Source

8(a) Sole-Source

MSM Technology is 8(a) certified by the US Small Business Administration (SBA). As an 8(a) participant, MSM is eligible to receive directed award contracts worth up to $4 million from any Federal Agency. 

SBA 8(a) Directed Awards

Open to All Federal Agencies


DUNS: 616279365


Graduation Date: September 23, 2028

Benefits of a Directed Award

  • Simplifies procurement process for Contracting Officers and Procurement Officials
  • Allows Contracting Officers to work directly with MSM without having to solicit bids
  • Cuts through the red tape, saving time and money, facilitating awards in as little as 5 business days

–  No delays in obtaining approval for the sole-source selection.

–  No need to advertise an opportunity on Beta SAM or a contract vehicle

–  No need to develop pre-award documentation

–  No need to develop rigorous evaluation criteria for bidders

–  Eliminate common delays in project start dates due to protests

    • Enables quick access to specialized technical skills and expertise
    • Has the added benefit of helping agencies achieve multiple small business goals in addition to 8(a) and Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) because MSM is also a certified HUBZone and Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB)

    Steps to Issue a Directed Award to MSM

    • The agency’s Program Manager and Authorized Procurement Official(s) author a Statement of Work (SOW), prepare a Government estimate, identify the NAICS code that applies to the acquisition, and allocates funds.
    • The agency selects MSM Technology to perform the work.
    • An authorization to negotiate is obtained from SBA by completing the Small Business Coordination Record Form.

    –  The Authorized Procurement Official may consult with their Small Business Program Office or Contracting Office to complete the Business Coordination Record or a Procurement Request Form, depending on the agency. Federal departments often have different forms, i.e. DoD uses DD Form 2579.

    • The prepared contract documents must include the following statement: “Request procurement be made pursuant to Section 8(a) of the Small Business Act 15 U.S.C. 637(a) and in accordance with FAR 19.8.”
    • Once the procurement request has been made, the Small Business Deputy or Contracting Officer prepares an offer letter or proposed project form (FAR 19.804-2) and emails it to the appropriate SBA District Office.
    • SBA processes the Offer Letter and returns it to the Contracting Officer who then sends the Statement of Work and Request for Proposal or Quotation to MSM Technology.
    • MSM submits its proposal package which is evaluated and negotiated as needed.
    • The contract is awarded to MSM.

    For more information, including how to access MSM services or to receive templates and forms for use in preparing a directed award, please email bd@msmtechinc.com.


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